Cheddar was first produced in the 12th century, taking its name from the area in Somerset where it was first made and then matured, in the caves around Cheddar Gorge. In the early years a large Cheddar would have lasted each family a year and the cheese remains as popular today, being consumed in over 55% of UK households. In fact, the UK cheese market continues to grow and is now worth nearly £2.4 billion.

Dairy Crest is proud to say all of our Cheddar is made at our creamery in Davidstow, Cornwall, with milk that comes exclusively from farms in Cornwall and Devon. Our top selling Cheddar, Cathedral City, is the leading cheese brand in the UK.

From Cornwall, the cheese moves to our centre in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, where it is matured, cut and wrapped before being distributed to retail customers.

We have won the Danisco trophy seven times. The trophy is awarded for the most points won across all cheese shows in one season.

Cheese is a natural food source and is a great source of calcium, which is essential for maintaining strong teeth and healthy bones. Other key nutrients found in cheese include protein we all need for growth, Vitamin B12 (which is crucial for red blood cell formation, normal cell division and normal function of the immune system) and phosphorus which helps maintain normal bones and teeth.

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