Farming Relations

We buy milk from around 400 direct supplying dairy farmers in the South West. We pride ourselves on the close working relationship we have with our supplying farmers, many of whom have supplied us for nearly 20 years.

Animal welfare is a priority for Dairy Crest. We address this in two ways. Firstly, we insist on full compliance with the Red Tractor Assured Dairy Scheme (RTADS).

In addition we have recently introduced our own Davidstow Farm Standards. The standards complement and enhance the RTADS and are designed to reflect best practice in food safety and animal welfare on farm and to ensure that all the milk supplied by Davidstow farmers meets the strict international requirements for the production of infant formula milk powder. Producing products to such a high specification requires us to provide the appropriate due diligence, quality and safety assurances from the farm to our creamery. Animal welfare is at the very heart of these standards.

The Key Sections of the Scheme are:

  • Hygiene & food safety
  • Animal housing & facilities
  • Farm plant & equipment
  • Feedstuffs & water
  • Herd health
  • Stockmanship & training
  • Animal welfare
  • Farm contingency procedures

We do not accept milk from farmers who are not fully compliant with the Davidstow Farm Standards.

Dairy Crest buys milk from some 400 farmers in the South West
litres of raw milk sourced direct from dairy farmers

Sustainability Measures

Dairy Crest provides a subsidised support package, through the independent White Gold Service, to enable direct supplying farmers to achieve Farm Assurance standards and meet all the requirements of legislation with the minimum of disruption and cost.

Farm Assurance status is monitored by regular assessments, carried out for all direct suppliers by qualified Farm Assessors, on a 15-month basis.

New suppliers interested in supplying their milk to Dairy Crest should contact us on 0800 121 4766 
(or e-mail

Farm Business Centre:
0800 121 4766

Dairy Crest Direct

Dairy Crest Direct is the farmer business that represents the majority of our direct suppliers. The group was established in May 2004. Elected regional representatives operate within a Farmer Forum - to determine the direction and aims of the business. The Forum in turn elects a Management Board that is responsible for running the organisation. All supplying farmers are members of the Dairy Crest Direct Dairy Producer Organisation (the first D.P.O. in the U.K.), which represents them on all aspects of their milk supply agreement including milk price and contract terms.

The objectives of Dairy Crest Direct are:

  • To represent and inform producers;
  • To strive for a fair and secure milk price;
  • To strengthen the relationship with Dairy Crest.


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