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All our milk comes from our trusted network of farmers all over the UK - the range includes Country Life Standard and Organic, flavoured milks and other specialist varieties

In the Fridge

milk&more will deliver all your refrigerated essentials, including butter, yoghurt, juice, eggs, and organic fruit and veg boxes

Bread Bin

milk&more has family favourites from sliced white to seed sensations including part baked loaves and pastries

In the Kitchen

From tea bags and sugar to breakfast cereals and snacks we can help you keep your cupboards (and your family) full.

Around the House

Things that are all too easy to forget at the supermarket - like toothpaste, tin foil and rubbish bags - milk&more will make sure you're not caught short

Garden and Pets

For your pet's favourite food, bags of compost or buckets of bird food, leave it up to us to do the heavy lifting - we never charge for delivery.

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milk&more combines the tradition and familiarity of the residential milk delivery service with the convenience of online shopping. With milk&more, our customers can order and pay online, add holiday dates, access a large product range and even change orders up to 9pm the night before their next scheduled delivery. There is no minimum order and delivery is free.

A History of the Milkman

1840s - By the late 1840s / early 1950s, dairymen began to transport their milk using the railways, delivering all over the country, providing a nationwide service

1850s - By the late 1850s, demand had grown. Low wheeled carts called hand prams were introduced and the doorstep delivery service was created

1900s - At the beginning of the 1900s most milk was delivered and sold in jugs that were filled from a large churn on a push pram. As the milkman gained more customers he traded in his push pram for a horse and cart

1910s - Up until WWI milkmen would deliver three times a day at 5-6am, mid-morning (commonly known as the pudding round, for people to make their milk puddings) and at tea-time. Due to a shortage of men and horses during the war the number of deliveries were reduced to two a day

1920s - Most dairies changed over to bottles. The bottles were sealed with cardboard lids up until the 1950s, which were the origin of the children's game POGS

1930s - Most deliveries were still made by horse and cart, although a few electrical vehicles were introduced

1940s - During WWII doorstep deliveries were reduced to just one per day and due to a shortage of men, women were drafted in to keep the service going. During this decade most milkmen swapped their horses for electric milk floats. These electric milk delivery vehicles were called Bush Pony three wheeler vans

1960s - By 1960 most of London's milk was delivered by electric or petrol vehicles.

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