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Davidstow Mature Cheddar

Typically matured for 14 months with a perfectly balanced, rich, long-lasting, full and ‘nutty’ flavour Davidstow Mature has a creamy texture and pale glow. A special cheese to be enjoyed everyday, it's best in a classic Ploughmans with ham off the bone, some Crellow pickle and a fresh, crusty white loaf. We also think it's rather good with a watercress soup in cheddar and ham toasties, on top of a barbecued pure beef burger, or with a cheese biscuit.

Davidstow Extra Mature Cheddar

Davidstow Extra Mature is typically matured for at least 18 months. It is intense, yet pleasantly sweet, with added layers of complexity and concentrated bursts of flavour due to the naturally occurring crunchy crystals that the cheese acquires with age. This is a cheese that calls out to be made into a Cornish Rarebit makes a very welcome late night supper with a few crackers or delicious served alongside a slice of dark, sticky fruit cake.

Davidstow 3 Year Reserve Special Vintage

The pinnacle of the Davidstow range, as the name suggests, this exquisite addition is matured for at least 3 years. Taking its time to mature and develop a deep combination of rich & creamy flavours and crumbly, flinty texture. This is the ultimate cheddar in the Davidstow collection and boasts an unrivalled taste experience.

The firm, flinty texture, as rugged as the north Cornwall cliffs, is contrasted by a smooth and creamy taste. The glorious cheddar delivers a mouth-watering complexity of flavours, making it the perfect cheddar to indulge in on its own with a fine glass of red wine.

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