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Functional Ingredients

Frylight Sunflower

Sunflower Frylight is just perfect for everyday shallow frying, roasting and baking, giving you exactly 1 Cal per spray every time.

Frylight Olive

Olive Oil Frylight is made with only the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and is perfect for shallow frying, roasting and baking that calls for the subtle flavour of Olive Oil.

Frylight Butter

Frylight 'Better than Butter' is the perfect partner for cooking, baking and roasting where that authentic buttery flavour is called for.
Just perfect for pancakes!

Frylight Varieties

Frylight Sunflower Info

Frylight Olive Info

Frylight Butter Info

Frylight is a unique, patented technology spray cooking oil. Perfect for everyday frying and cooking, it delivers exactly one calorie per spray!

Frylight contains at least 30% less calories and fat than oil and dispenses 1kcal/0.1g fat per spray. Cooking comparisons are based on using 5 sprays per cook versus a tablespoon of oil (15ml). Frylight will only help slimming/weight control as part of a calorie controlled diet.